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Selling trust – why storytelling will define B2B marketing


You know that great scene in Glengarry Glen Ross? Right near the start, where salesman Alec Baldwin does his rallying cry to his failing sales team, telling them that the secret to good sales is one thing, and one thing alone: ABC. Always Be Closing.

HubSpot vs Marketo – which suits your business best?


It’s often difficult to nail down the practical value of all of your inbound marketing activity – from your landing pages to email schedule to content strategy, there are a lot of plates to spin.

4 ways to guarantee success for your next IT reseller event


If you’re an IT reseller, you know that events are key to raise awareness for your vendors, building brand awareness and networking with prospects and other industry professionals.

A new IT sales era is upon us: how will you align your marketing?


If you read my last blog, you’ll know what savvy businesses are doing to change their approach to sales.

[Slideshare]: A new IT sales era - is your business prepared?


Can you hear that? It’s the sound of business leaders across the B2B IT industry collectively scratching their heads – wondering why their phones aren’t ringing off the hook with sales enquiries.


No need to shout!


I began my design career in beautiful Edinburgh. Every year, as festival season approached, public spaces were swarmed with people. Every spare surface became unofficial advertising space for the forthcoming performances, with each poster competing for attention.

How to lose leads and alienate people


Inbound marketing can deliver a wealth of leads to your sales funnel. But don't risk losing them after you've worked so hard (and spent so much) to get them.

The smart way to calculate your B2B marketing budget


Calculating your B2B marketing budget effectively is key to making sure you can deliver the return on investment you need to make it worthwhile. But where to spend it? In 2014 there are more channels than ever, and it's increasingly important to target your sales and marketing budgets with precision.

B2B SEO: 3 misconceptions hurting your site traffic


You know about SEO. You're a marketing manager, it's your job. But, much like search engine algorithms, demands made on your B2B SEO strategy can change. SEO strategies require regular monitoring to make sure your website stays current – and effective. If you're still using the practises you adopted two years ago, it’s time to consider an SEO audit - something you should conduct regularly to check site performance. 

TED talks – 30 years of lessons for business leaders


It's been 30 years since TED began its renowned series of talks on, well, pretty much every subject
under the sun – never failing to pull in hoards of business leaders, hungry for tips from the top on strategy and workforce management.

TED actually stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, but it quickly outstripped that remit, with an ongoing series of lectures that inspire, enrapture and inform on a vast array of subjects, delivered by people who've been there, done that, and probably manufactured and sold the T-shirts as part of a global franchise operation. They're all experts in their many fields, including marketing and business, and the insights into business development passed on by the best of them is peerless... and priceless.

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